Digitize the machine for early design validation, software debug & process optimization

Virtual Commissioning

Wipro PARI offers digital manufacturing solutions such as virtual commissioning and emulation for a robotics and industrial automation process like IC Engine Assembly lines, EV Motor Assembly lines, EV Battery pack assembly line, Machine Lines, Welding lines / Fixtures (SPOT and ARC), ASRS systems etc. using following types of control systems:

  • PLC based control system
  • CNC based control system
  • Robot controller-based control system
  • And combination of any of above
Virtual commissioning with the help of a Digital twin can significantly reduce the engineering effort. The aim is to achieve faster time-to-market, End-to-End virtual verification of Mechanical and Control systems design, Risks & Failure Modes, System performance and to avoid cost-intensive rework. This is made possible by parallel engineering and interdisciplinary development, in which control and IOT software can be tested and validated on the Digital twin in the early phases of the project life cycle.

We use best-in-class simulation tools such as Siemens Process Simulate, Xelgo and Rockwell EMULATE 3D.


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